Seek and you will find the correct answers

August 26th 2020


With all of the information we have coming at us everyday it can be overwhelming and very confusing as to what is the truth and what is not. If you are like me you can be caught up in the moment and it may not be the truth or the narrative wants you to believe what they want you to. We can be swayed so easily to believe what they want you to believe. Even the fact checkers are not telling you the truth.


So where do you go to find the truth. That is simple. You go to your place of stillness and connect to God the greatest source of all. The truth, the way and the all-knowing. Ask Him to show you the truth. He will show you the answers you seek and the truth if you are open to see the truth. He will lead you in many different ways to help you hear the answers you need. Keep an open mind always because He may use someone or something you may want to dismiss as not being the answer you seek.  He does that to help you keep an open mind.  I have found many answers in this way. I have learned to always keep my mind open and alert to the answers I seek.


More than ever these days we need our close walk with God. Make sure you find the time for your connection to God, the Universe and all around you that He uses to help you through this world. Remember you are never alone. Reach out and you will find all that you need. God Bless and have a nice day. 😊


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