With God Yeah But Doesn’t exist.

I can’t even tell you the amount of times I hear this phrase “Yeah But.” When it comes to believing in God why is there a yeah but. If you believe that he hears your prayers and answers them, then why is there a yeah but.

Today I realized that once again I let myself drift back into the world without my quiet time with God. Seeking, searching and listening to His direction. I came up to my office to seek, pray, listen and write. I felt lost at first because I got away from spending time this way with God for a few days.  He gives me tangible things I know are straight from Him.  I had spent quiet time on the couch earlier this morning because I am dealing with really bad pain in my lower back, hips, and down my leg. I did what God showed me to do and it helped with the pain to get moving. I seem to be hit with a number of ailments in the past few years but I always know I will overcome each thing thrown at me. Because I believe God will show me how. I don’t sit around and wait; I seek and take action.

I noticed one of my little notebooks and picked it up opened it to where I wrote “Great stories about the power of healing in the Amazing Laws of the Cosmic mind Power” Especially page 42- 43. So, I decided that is what I needed to do. I went to that page and there were two good stories that I read. One was about a woman who was told she was like the man in the bible with the withered hand. She said that was true, and I realized that was also me. The story was so similar to my story. Allowing circumstances to stop me from doing what I want to do.   And then I read the other story about the man who was dying, due to kidney failure, nothing more they could do for him.  Joseph, the author said to the unconscious man- “Jesus is here with you. You see Him.  He is putting His hand out.  At this moment He is laying His hand upon you. He repeated it several times. The man opened his eyes said he had a visitor. Jesus was here. I know I am healed. I shall live.” Joseph went on to ask was this a Miracle?  The man believed Jesus came and healed him. And this belief healed him.

I got a flash thought ” I am God power because God lives in me.” I have to believe that. God lives in me and when I pray, seek and ask the way will be made. That’s GOD, that’s Faith, That’s Belief, that’s Miracles. I have the power; it lives in me.  Most of us will add the “Yeah But” because we don’t really believe that we have this power living in us. When we ask Jesus into our lives that means He comes into our lives resides in us and we now have His power living in us to do ALL THINGS. Healing is one of them. No “Yeah but” Either you believe He will help you through or you make excuses. No Buts about it. If you have to go through the fire, you must believe you will get through it. Unafraid because you are not alone. It’s all in our thinking, whatever you believe you will receive. Are you all powerful because God lives in you?

Believe that inside of you lives the “All Powerful God” leading, guiding and directing you as to what you need to do in your life to overcome any and all things that may come against you. If you are allowing fear to stop you then you will never live the life you were meant to live. Fear is from the dark side doing all it can to stop you from living the best life ever, walking with the all-powerful, connecting to the all-powerful living in you. GOD LIVES IN YOU, therefore you have the power to overcome all things. Spend that quiet time every day with Him as you would do spending time with a friend and watch your life change for the better.
Don’t let the dark side filled with fear stop you from overcoming anything this world throws at you. Remember our God is bigger! He lives in us! We have the power!

Have a great blessed day. You are powerful because of God. 🙂



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