Fear and Politics on each side is real

Today I would like to share with you, what I experienced the other day. I met a beautiful person and her boyfriend. Both very sweet people. The girl was black and the man was white. One thing was said in our many talks was they knew that when they had kids it was going to be hard on them. How very sad this still exists in our world. We talked about many different subjects and we got along really well. We chatted for a lot of the time we were at this place. We started out with talking about hair because I thought her hair was very pretty, we talked about many different topics, at the end of the night politics came into the picture. I don’t allow politics to be talked about in the presence of the opposite party. It can get very heated and sometimes ugly. So, I always stop it before it starts. And I told her that. For some reason I brought up one thing that I have changed my mind about and that is abortion. I believe that it was God directing my path.  I shared with her how I changed my mind on abortion. I once was in the position of getting an abortion and it ended up not happening. But it took me a very long while to see the awfulness of abortion and what it all means. So, I can relate to people going through this very difficult time in life. I shared my story with her. Then I said over the years I have seen the light and what it is all about. When I was a kid, I did not see it that way.


All of a sudden politics came pouring out of her mouth and I saw this beautiful girl in her mid-30s lose it. She cried, and she let all her fears rip, I stood there in shock. I couldn’t believe this hate and fear that came from her thinking. How upset she was and how strong her thoughts were controlling every waking moment of her life. I saw a side that I needed to see. She couldn’t sleep she had so much anxiety, stress, hate and sadness in her. I let her spill it all out. Not chiming in to tell her my thoughts. I told her once I have the same fears on the other end. I also realized I did not have that kind of rage in me. I gave her a lot of hugs and I told her she needed God, quiet time and peace in her life. She was a huge basket case like I have never seen in my life over politics. My heart breaks for Gods people. I love all people, even when they don’t agree with me. There is light and love in all of us. We are all Gods children, not just some. Love everyone and learn to give a hug and listen instead of trying to get your opinion across, give a hug and send up a prayer for God to bless them. That is what God wants us to do.

In all of my years on earth have I never experienced this kind of hate towards a president, towards the opposite party that has happened since this election. This is all a huge stronghold from the dark side. We have to see what has happened.  I do not hold anything against anyone. I do know where this is coming from. The division on this earth is from the dark side dividing people to hate in such rage they can’t control themselves. We are playing the blame game but there is no blame but one place and if we don’t get a grip on this and start realizing where all of this is coming from it will only get worse and worse. Politics is the stronghold over most of us today


We are all being brainwashed to believe what we are hearing. What we constantly hear, read and see is what we believe.  We are ALL being told what to believe. We are All believing our way is the right way. I believe that this is the time for the world to change and I believe that it is going to in one way or the other. This is a time to really really really pray for our country and our world and for every living person on earth. This hate and fear stronghold has to be cast out of this world. It is in every area of this world, and in our thinking. No excuses period. See if for what it is and let it go. Let’s take a look at these times, more than ever before people are looking to God, sending up tons of prayers and changing their way of life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. These bad things made more people turn to God and pray.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have heard “yeah but” in this crazy time. I have talked to so many God believing people with “yeah but” to explain why God won’t help them or protect them. Faith and belief are replaced with “yeah but.” You have to believe God is with you. When God reigns down upon his people it will be ALL people. And no one will stop it. I do think that we will be amazed at who misses the boat when this happens.

When I pray to God it isn’t “yeah but.”  If God wants me to do something I am not going to say “yeah but this can’t be right” If I believe in the power of God then I don’t have to take control of who I am or how I should control the situation. I trust in my God to have control of what He is asking me to do. You are probably wondering what I am talking about so I will tell you.

God wants us to get out there and pray for our country, world and all people. He wants me to spread the word and get together a group of people to pray. Simple prayer, praise and lift up worship to Him. Without limits put on this gathering. To trust Him. To do this beside all of our brothers and sisters, not just who we feel comfortable being around. All people of this world in every religion, every walk of life will be touched. Not controlled by man. Letting go of control and allowing God to reign down on all man. Can we do that? Can we pray and say to God not my will but yours be done? Trust and have Faith that God knows what he is doing and we don’t have to try and control God like we have been trying to do forever. In every revival it has always been a few people praying for God to reign down and it has been a phenomenal experience like no other.  People pray that “God will take control for our lives, our world and All people, Not my will but yours God. AMEN”

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