Enemy versus Us


On my mediation pillows today. God was showing me something I want to share. We feel that we are at war with democrats or republicans but this is not the case at all. We are at war with the enemy, the evil one. The enemy is on the backs of all of us controlling how we act, what we do and say making us wage war on all human beings. It is written that this will happen. What better way to win the war but to divide and conquer? Making us hate more and more every day. We have to see what this really is.

We are on the battle field we are supposed to be fighting the war, together right? If we could see in the spiritual realm, we would see evil beings riding on all of our backs directing us to do evil things, to hate, to destroy and all the while the enemy is laughing thinking he has the upper hand. Stop and think about this for a minute and really see this picture.

We must look at this as a spiritual battle. We now have a great divide in the world allowing hate in everything to consume our thinking. All of this stuff that is going around is total evil. Men who kill other men has this evil being riding on their back whispering do this evil. Evil wants us to be divided in everything we say and do. Don’t fall for the enemies’ trap that has been set for us to take hold of. We all know right from wrong we have always had a set of rules born in our hearts to follow but we choose to ignore the right thing to do. Some of us have more to battle than others. We have the bible to go by but we must be connected to the God source within that will help us to make the right choices. I will tell you that I know the right and good things I should be doing but I choose to ignore at times. I have urges that I have to battle daily just like every living person, each may be different but still wrong. It is what we choose to follow that takes us to the enemies’ camp. There are no excuses.  We allow the enemy to take over our thinking so we can justify its okay. The enemy is doing a great job at making us believe all the crap he is throwing at us.  Making us swallow all of it as the truth and the right way.

If there is hate in our thoughts that’s from the enemy, if we are going against our brother no matter what color, race, religion or creed. If it’s not in love, then it is not what our creator wanted from us, it is from the dark side. We are to be the light of love in this time of darkness. How can we overcome this overwhelming battle you ask?  It’s going into our quiet time doing battle through tons of prayer, meditation, speaking in our spiritual language praising and worshiping God.  Waging war on the enemy that is trying to destroy this world God made. He is also taking you with him as well to a place you don’t want to be in.

When we get angry and feel like it is hopeless, remember it is from the enemy and he has done his job. If we choose to fight the fight with words of hate and anger then the enemy wins. If we use these negative words of hate and anger without tons of time doing battle where we should be doing battle then the enemy has won. Don’t be in this battle doing it the wrong way, because you will have the demon on your back just like the one that you are confronting. Spiritual warfare is won by using the spiritual weapons God has given us.

Joshua 6: 1-27 the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelite’s marched everyday once for 6 days around the city and seven times on the seventh day then blew their trumpets and the walls came down.

People have prayed for many things over the years from moving mountains to healing the sick, raise the dead, to simple tiny things. I once asked churches to come together on Sunday afternoon to pray over our school because the fire alarms and bomb threats were getting out of control and it worked. With faith in prayers and continuous belief, non-stop praying we can win this war. Don’t look at these people that are doing evil as the enemy, the demon is riding their backs and they need prayer to help them rid themselves of the enemy on their backs. It is a time of spiritual warfare and its time to do your part in this war. Spend time seeking, praying and listening in our quiet connection to God. And He will hear our requests.

Let us come together in prayer. When you wake up take some time to pray good things for our country and all people, and ask for His protection and love to surround you, your family, friends and loved ones. Take a moment during the day and do this again, and then again at night time before you go to bed. Make this a habit. Also ride or walk through your towns and cities and send up prayers, spend a minute over a post you read that makes you angry. Turn off the negative and turn on the prayers. If you want to win the battle you have to put the time into it. We are all qualified to fight in this battle for good to come forth. Not taking sides, not asking for more of evil for what we want to be the right way, but for God to reign again over the evil that is upon us. God bless you all. Let’s win this spiritual battle of evil consuming our world.


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