Fear Is From The Enemy

My God brought me to a thought today to share. How many say a prayer and walk away believing that your prayer is answered? Are you strong in your faith that your prayer was heard by God and He will be with you?

This is where the power of connection and belief that God is with us comes in. He hears us and speaks to us all the time. If you allow fear, doubt, worry and all the other negative things into your thinking then you are letting in the enemy and ignoring your prayer, and your God. We say we are spiritual we believe in God, but do we really? I don’t think so. Believing in God is putting your whole trust in Him know matter what happens. Cowering in a corner fearing anything is of the enemy. We can’t cower in fear and expect it will save us.

We must walk strong in faith believing that God is with us and He will bring us through. He has heard our prayer. When I ask God to protect me I believe He will. I also have that connection that I hear Him when he warns me. But being human I still make mistakes when I am in a hurry and let that warning drift past me without acknowledging it. These warning may come in a flash and be gone. I find that every time something bad happened to me I wasn’t taking heed to the warning God gave me. I heard the warning but I did not listen. There is a difference between fear and a warning to help you move through life unafraid.

I will share something that happened yesterday. I was laying on a lounge chair lightly sleeping, eyes closing and opening. My granddaughter was just putting a new decal on her new skate board. She stepped on the skateboard to try it out and she slipped a bit. My flash thought was she’s not used to this new board she needs to be very careful she could fall. I let that flash thought leave without addressing it. I should have prayed for her, either stop her and say a prayer over her or send up a prayer myself but I didn’t. That was a missed call to acknowledge and take action. A little while later she came home with cuts all over her hands and body. The board was faster then she realized. Moral of this story listen and take heed to what you are being show. It wasn’t fear I heard it was a flash thought to warn me. Stop and pray to protect her.

When I ask God to protect me I am covering myself or my family with God’s protection. He wants us to do this all the time. Whenever you have to do something and fear gets in your way, you need to ask God to protect you and walk in faith that He heard you and is PROTECTING YOU. No excuse. He will protect you. That is faith. We can’t stop our time to die no matter how hard we try. So live your life in faith that God hears you and if you take heed to your connection within He will warn you or you will know whatever you need to know. We have to learn to trust God and tune into our voice within and don’t overlook little flashes that will help us along the way to a safer healthy happy life, without fear.

Fear is from the enemy and this is our battle on earth. Remember our God is stronger and we have that power within us. Our prayers are stronger then we could ever imagine as long as we believe God can and God will. Through seeking Him in quiet time without words, and through our times of prayer. We will learn to be fearless.

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