The unseen , unheard between two people are felt. And that is a game changer

How many think that when you do or say hurtful or mean things about your spouse, significant other, family member, friend or anybody,  they will never know? You may not realize this but that isn’t true. There are many vibrations in the unseen world that are felt. It isn’t heard but our body feels these negative words we put out into the Universe. When you do something bad that hurts someone, that person may not know it but they feel it.

The person feels  it in their  hearts and in their bodies, these hurtful things. We think we are getting away with them, but we really aren’t. We can”t understand why they are being so cold or distant or mean to us. The reason is they feel these hurtful things. We may try to go over and above to make that person feel better. We may feel guilty that we have done or said things to hurt them. Just remember you can’t run from the bad things you do towards other. It will put a wedge in between you. When you think you are doing something in secret you are not. You have put it out into the Universe.

When you feel your relationship with a person is not right ask yourself what is it that you’re doing to put a wedge between you. Chances are these little things you say or do that are hurtful are coming back to bit you from this unseen world, inner connection, and the inner knowing. The air waves are full of things passing by us and through us.  We feel things that we may not understand. This is the reason.

If you want a great relationship with anyone don’t say bad things about them. Don’t do bad things to them and don’t make fun of them. You will never be able to run away from things kept in secret that hurts others.  You have put these negative feelings out there and will be picked up and felt by the person. It’s better to say nothing at all if you can’t say anything nice. And if you plan on doing something that is wrong towards someone. You will find you will pay the price somehow for your secrets.

Have a great day and put good vibes out to all.  God bless 🙂


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