Seek and you will find

I have been going through and ordeal of breaking my foot, getting a heavy cast put on and making my life a living hell of pain. My doctor wanted to reschedule my appointment I had 20 days after I broke my foot, due to the Corona virus but  I asked if I could please get the cast taken off and he took it off. I still have to be careful and non weight bearing. I’m feeling so much better but mentally I was still allowing the negative whispers to keep me stuck. I started to put my mind into seeking Him. He then started to fill me up with things I needed to hear.

He gave me another idea for a book, He showed me (in an unusual way) a story of someone much worse than me who was dying and how she was grateful for the little things she still had and what she would receive in the future. Confirmation on the book idea He just gave me, and He also led me to a book, “The Amazing Laws of the Cosmic Mind Power” in a really strange way that brought me a wealth of information to help me overcome these negative whispers that where keeping me in this bad place. Bringing me to the chapter on ” The Miraculous Law of Healing” and how we can use our mind connected to God to heal us.

Yes! I am human and even though I know all of these things that keep us stuck, I still waver at times and allow these things to enter my thinking. Being in a lot of pain can take you out of a good place to an unbearable frame of mind. It can suck the life out of you.  There is peace in going to Him and asking Him to help you through. Seeing the silver lining in the dark clouds around you, and using the mind He has given you to connect to His strength, the God power within you to help you through.  I will overcome and become stronger and the desires of my heart I will receive. I have found that in these times I will bounce back much faster because I know what I have to do to overcome.

You may be wondering how I broke my foot. I will tell you that God shared with me two times what I should do and I didn’t listen.  I also ignored the warning sign and decided I would be okay with what I did. Long story short . Taking heed to these small signs will help us out of bad situations. But one thing I have found, you will always learn from these bad things that happen to you. We can also make something good out of a bad situation if you take the time to seek and find out what it is you can learn or do while your in the situation.

Have a great day! Allow your thoughts to be on God’s protection surrounding you and make the best of this bad situation. You may just find lots of good things coming from it. 🙂

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