God spoke to me through Joel Osteen

I am directed in so many interesting ways to the messages I need. Sunday I got up to listen to Joel Osteen’s  message but it was about his Yankee stadium day. I was a bit disappointed but I was okay.  I had to deal with something  unpleasant that took me to my computer and on face book. I was feeling a bit unhappy, but this situation lead me to Joel’s live church service and his message was about to start. Amazing timing.

Had this situation not happened I would not have gone to the computer and saw the message I needed to hear. I have been dragging my feet about moving forward with my life and work. Having long conversations with God. Once again God used Joel’s message to speak to me loud and clear. I could have said that it was God in Joel’s body  talking to me. Lol.  The words Joel was saying was the conversation I had been having with God and Joel’s words were telling me what I needed to know and do. I was totally in awe of what he was saying. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

The way I got to hearing these words would never have come to me had this situation not happened to me. After hearing Joel speak I knew why this happened. In a round about way it led me to hearing Joel’s message. God used Joel to answer my questions.

Sometimes we have to go through unpleasant things to get to what we need for our lives. Things may happen and we wonder why, but there is a reason for everything. Find the answer in every situation that comes into your life.  Have a great day! 🙂


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