Today I  have been hammered with the word “DO”. The world goes around every day. And some of us seem to be in the same place as we were yesterday. and the day before. If we don’t “DO” the things we are shown to do then nothing will ever change.

It seems everywhere I go people are always talking about what they want to DO, but never really DO what they are talking about. It is easy to talk about DOING something then it is to DO IT. But I think that isn’t correct thinking. It makes us crazy that we don’t DO what we want to Do. We are unhappy because we don’t DO what we want and need to DO. We are stressed, unhappy, depressed, bored and miserable because we are not DOING what we want to do. We make every excuse there is on this planet to never DO what we want to DO and what we are shown to DO.

Why is that? I think that is the lie from the dark side. Always wanting but never having, because we don’t DO what we know we must DO to have what we want. We can read a million self help books, go to lots of seminars or work shops to hear all the things we should DO, but don’t . We waste so much time and energy on getting all of this knowledge and never apply any of it.

It’s time to start DOING what we know in our hearts we should DO. We have all of the answers we need inside of us. Get rid of those negative whispers, called excuses or reasons that keep you from doing all the things you want to DO. All you have to DO is start DOING and keep going. Ask for guidance from your inner voice, inner hearing and keep DOING. Whatever it is you want to DO, start it and keep going. If you fall down pick yourself up and keep Doing. If you mess up don’t make excuses keep DOING what you need to DO and it will become second nature and you will have all you desire.

Can you see the key word here?  “DO”. Simple yet hard? NO; hard is not DOING. For you will always be unhappy if you didn’t “DO IT.” Make yourself happy.”DO IT”


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