Is your thoughts making you unhealthy?

I couldn’t sleep when I got into bed so I got back up to do some writing and seeking. I was lead to a phrase Wayne Dyer said from “A course in Miracles” If you know who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again. (Really think about that)

This lead me to a wealth of information when I googled A course in miracles, I guess I was ready for, this time. (was going to read this several times but never did) This had so many confirmations I needed on my path. As I read some of the book the words were jumping out at me answering lots of things I was rolling around in my head. And I mean the things that were on those pages I could have written myself. Once again I needed to be reminded of these things. Sometimes you have to take a real hard look to see even clearer. Or someones words will open you up even more.

We are being swallowed up by all kinds of  things such as the internet, computer, gaming, Television, and all that goes along with these electronic gadgets that keep our mind and thoughts busy to distracts us from life and our purpose, and how to stay connected to our inner guidance.

We have the power within us to fight the darkness that plagues us. We have a huge power given to us that resides in us, that is the Holy spirit.  We are a spiritual being living in a human body. We must really start to see this power is greater than we could ever imagine. Through our thoughts and what we allow into our mind can we change our lives completely. It is a constant work that we need to be doing daily if we want to live a happy, healthy, successful, prosperous life. It is possible if we let go of the worldly thinking and start connecting to our inner self and listen to what we need to do. Constantly throwing out the negative whispers that are making us fearful, depressed, anxious, sick, unhappy, and miserable.

Can it be done?  Yes it can. Wayne Dyer healed the incurable cancer he was told he had. By believing and doing the right things his inner voice was telling him to do. Get rid of all the negative whispers every second they try to penetrate your thoughts of great health, wealth, success and happiness. Anything that sounds bad is bad and it is keeping you in the place you don’t want to be.

I’d like to share a couple of other things that just happened. So,  I was directed to this cancer Wayne Dyer had. I read a lot about him today. Then as I was writing this blog someone came to me and told me bad news about  a relative just finding out they have a bad cancer. And I shared with them what I was being shown and how getting rid of the negative whispers through quiet time and positive thoughts and getting rid of these thoughts that are trying to eat you up. This person reaffirmed some of the things I wrote such as constantly plugging into electronics to program our thinking and distract us from what we need to do to have a great life. Was this all coincidence, I don’t think so.

Everything starts in our thoughts, it’s what we think and allow into our bodies. We are the creators of our lives, and it is controlled by what we allow into our thoughts. We can change our thoughts, because we were given free will to chose what we allow into our lives and our thinking. We have the power within to help us with every situation if we are willing to let it work in us and through us. God put this power in us. We can believe and stand on strong faith believing that we have kicked out the negative unhealthy bad things we do not want in our lives. or we can chose to let fear, doubt and worry destroy us. The choice is yours.

You have the power within you to overcome all things. Have a blessed day 🙂






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