Communication and thought

Life can be so tough trying to understand everything going on around us. I would just like to take the time to share something that I have been researching for years. When we have a difference of opinion on something we may wonder how that person could repeat these things that you never said. How could they come up with these ideas that never were.

Have you ever heard the coin “Two sides to every story” why is that ? One side of the coin is, that people have the tendency to hear what they think they are hearing. And when in a negative place will only hear more negative. Not being at all what you were trying to get across. This happens time and time again

And unfortunately the other side of the coin is, we don’t always realize that what we are putting out there can be interpreted very negative and simply misunderstood, because of the negative in the situation. So both sides end up with a big mess of non communicating their thoughts.

So how can we change this craziness. Learn to ask questions because you will find that what you thought you heard was not at all what the person was saying. We each have our own take on what we have heard and a lot of the time it is interpreted incorrectly. Our brain can be a very tricky instrument. When we are in a negative place it is very easy to plug in more negative and add more fuel to the fire.

Communication is key to every good relationship.
Repeat back what you’ve heard and ask the person if what you have heard is correct. Simple yet hard. Have a great day ! 🙂

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