Working through

I’ve haven’t  been blogging because I’ve been working on things I put on the back burner. I have been shown a number of things to do but I don’t see them through till completion. Most of us have this brain that is constantly running, like on auto pilot that never shuts off. I find I have to battle that just like everyone else. I still take my times to be still, but sometimes I’m not taking enough time. I find myself all over the map and in all directions. This is the time to stop and refocus. Get back to more quiet time and find the peace and answers you need.

I stopped blogging to get my children’s book completed. I decided I needed to focus on one thing at a time and get it done. Sometimes multi tasking can keep us from getting anything done because we go from one project to the other. I can now say my book is completed and published, ” Salina rides her bike.”  It is selling for a higher price and I guess when they feel like bringing it down to a regular price they will do that. I can sell it at the price I want, which I am glad for that. 🙂

The other day feeling a bit weary I asked the question about ways to generate more income, while I was in my quiet time. What I got was “why do you ask for more ideas when you don’t do the ones I give you, do what you have started.” So I sat down with a pen and paper and wrote down all of the things I’ve been given to do. I counted 14 things. I am a writer, a song writer, an artist, and an inventor, and I love helping people and doing workshops. I have several books waiting to be completed and published, I have several songs I’ve written, 4 positive programming self help messages, I have an invention I’ve done nothing with, paintings I could sell, my blog, and a face book page and several other things I could be marketing. Why is it we never have enough and we always want more. And that puts us with no time and no productivity,  because we are all over the map.

So now it’s time to hone in on what is important and take one thing at a time and get these things done. If you are like me, make it a propriety to do the things you have been shown to do and then you will receive more. And don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion. If you have been given something follow it through till the end. Don’t give up on it for any reason. If it’s good ( meaning it won’t hurt anyone) then finish it. I have allowed peoples words and opinions to stop me from doing things way to many times. No more, I may not be perfect and that’s okay, I’m good enough.

If you look into successful people stories you will find that most, if not all have had roadblocks they have had to overcome.Don’t let the roadblocks stop you, find a way to get through them. You are worth it, and you are good enough just the way you are.   Have a great day.   🙂


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