Get on with it and do it!

I have read many great books, tons of self help books to succeed. I have bought many great diet books, I have done many great exercise work outs. I have spent lots of money on coaching classes.  And every one of them are great. Any one of them works. We can write or read a million good things, repeat a million quotes. But the bottom line and the only thing that will get you to your goal or desire, is yourself.

Take any good self help book you have read and just apply it to your life. Let your goals and desires get inside you and force you to accomplish what you want. Keep going and  never give up. If at any time you fall down, become discouraged, or want to throw in the towel, just say “NO I WILL NOT GIVE UP!, I WILL CONTINUE TILL I SUCCEED!”  ” I WILL WIN!” ” NOTHING WILL DEFEAT ME!”

I have done this. I’ve picked myself up a million times and I will keep picking myself up and continue on my journey to succeed and make my dreams become a reality. Let this be you as well.

Positive anything is great and will keep you in the game. But you must finally stop and analyze what is holding you back. You’ll find it is excuses and procrastination. Your desire to receive what you want has to take over. You have to get yourself to the point      ” I HAVE TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW”.

I found that I was stuck in the “filling myself up mode” with all kinds of uplifting ideas,  and ways to do it the right way. I buried myself in this kind of idea , thinking I was doing the right thing. I think we can live in this place of doing things, our whole life and never get out of that learning stage. You have to get to the white hot burning  stage that the time is NOW. I can’t wait another second. The only way to receive it is to do it. Let’s face it, the best way to get experience or to receive whatever it is you want is to take action and get it done.

If you are here, and all of this makes perfect sense to you. Then get out there and make it happen. You have everything you need to succeed. Listen to that voice within and go for it. The right answers have always been there waiting to guide you. Success is yours!

God bless you and have a great day 🙂



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