If you have a dream go for it

I have had many ideas and dreams in my life. Some have happened and some sit on a shelf getting dusty. Some of my ideas sitting on that shelf getting dusty, I look at and sadly say that because I let circumstances get in the way of accomplishing them, someone else made them a reality and are making it big from that idea. Sometimes I spent a lot of time on them and let someone’s negative remark stop me from making them a reality.

Don’t let this be you. I’m going to share a couple ideas I had but for reasons I did not pursue them. First being bottled water. When I was a kid there was no bottled water. As we all know now going places water taste different. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. And soda or juice doesn’t help you quench your thirst.  I would say at 10 years old I want to buy water in a bottle like soda. I want to be able to go to the soda machine and push a button and get a bottle of great tasting water.  ( I was 10 I didn’t know how to get adults to listen to me)

Everyone told me I was crazy and no one would ever pay for bottled water. Water is free why would people pay for it. I would say because some places the water taste so bad you don’t want to drink it. Guess what those people were so wrong.

Another idea, I worked hard on was positive programming. I made several messages years ago. I put a lot of time in these messages. But I let someones remark make me second guess myself. And put them on a shelf. Now how many messages are out there that help you with positive programming.

It is better to try and fail then to fail to try. You have a chance when you try and put your idea out there. If you don’t someone else will do it and you will be kicking yourself for giving up. Never give up on an idea. It just might be the greatest idea in the world.  You will never know unless you try.

Have a great day! You are worth it! You are powerful! You count!  🙂

#worthit# dream# idea#positiveprogramming#water#nevergiveup

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