Are you letting negative vibrations control you?

I have always been amazed by the telephone. How our voice can travel anywhere in the world at a split second and the person on the other end hears you in that moment. You can be thousands of miles away but there you are hearing the person talk to you as if you are right next to them. Sometimes if that person is in a foul mood just from talking with them can get you in that same place. And you are not even in the same area.

Now lets take a look at something, our world has become filled with so much negative chatter its out of control. From being unhappy, angry, impatient, mean, inconsiderate, miserable cranky, intolerant people, that are constantly complaining about everything and anything, the air waves or vibrations are filled with this negative noise.   Now think about this. there are many many air wave frequencies traveling in the air transmitting tons of voices. I feel that all of these negative frequencies can and do affect us. I think these frequencies really do not help us to be positive happy people.

Then  add to this the  negative television ,news, movies, books, and all the other things that we allow ourselves to hear. You can’t help but see were all of this negative in ourselves and our world come from. It bombards us at every angle.

That is why we need to constantly go into our quiet place and recharge so we can keep ourselves protected from all this negative that is trying to fill us and consume our  positive self. Fill yourself with as much positive as you can. Change all your negative talk to positive talk.

Find peace joy and positive, go within and get recharged. Have a recharged day 🙂

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