Finding your way

Each day I do my best to stay connected. I usually wake up thanking God for the day and all there is to be grateful for. I ask for his guidance. It doesn’t take long to do and it puts me in a better frame of mind. Some may think they don’t have the time to focus on doing the things they should be doing. It’s hard and simple. You have to push yourself in the beginning to change your ways but after a while of doing this it just happens. You won’t even have to think about it.

There were many connections, yesterday for me . One simple little thing  I’ll share with you, there was a motor cycle following me very close, way to close. I had an uncomfortable feeling about that. For good reason I had to stop short do to a weird situation. I could tell the guy wasn’t happy, I could see his mouth moving as he passed me  at the light. But it wasn’t my fault at all. I could feel and sense something going to happen and thankfully no one was hurt. If ever you feel that way, tune in to it, to see if you need to do something to change the outcome. Tuning in may show you something to help the situation.

I would like to show you ways to tune in. I have found that taking the time to do meditation is an important part of life.  Most people will say they don’t have time for that or they can’t sit quietly for that long. I was the same as you. I have antsy pants and my mind tends to be working in overdrive. If I can do it you can do it. My daughter told me of this site called ” insight timer” It has all kinds of meditations, for anything your heart desires and for any amount of time you want from several minutes to and hour. For what ever. It is wonderful. I love it. I use earbuds so I am focused and all distractions between me and the meditation are gone.  If I start listening to one and don’t like it I will find a different one, till I find one right for me. If I love one I can bookmark it so its saved for me.

Once you start to do this simple task, you will be amazed at how calm and open you become. It will help you get a better connection to life. You will start getting more focused.

My daughter does a great yoga class, she really helps you get focused, you walk out feeling great mind, body and spirit. She gives you a little connection that can do get things for your daily life. She teaches learning to be grounded and connected. Also learning to breath, we don’t realize how much learning to breath and take deep breaths in and out makes you feel so much better throughout your day. If you haven’t tried that do that right now. Take a few deep breaths in and out. I do this now all throughout the day. It feels great. I love to do yoga. I like the slow flow yoga. Perfect for me. And of course I am proud of my daughter and the way she teaches, she has a class you would really love. Try yoga, slow flow to start is so refreshing.

I will tell people, when they say they don’t have the time to meditate or pray, or seek,   “You don’t have the time to, not do it”. These things will help you find a better life. You will be so glad you took the time. Before you know it you will never want to go a day without them. And you will feel so much better. Have a wonderful day. God bless 🙂



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