Connection at work.

I started my blog several days ago. and I seem to be getting daily things I can share about without me even going into years of work that I have been doing, on positive thought, positive auto suggestion, intentions, prayer, meditation, intuition and a number of other things, that I have taught in my work shops.

Last night I saw the numbers 10:10 and I have always felt that those numbers meant something to me. I have seen them over the years many times with a feeling like, they mean something and it was time I did some research as to why I see these numbers a lot. I googled  the numbers  and read many things about what the numbers mean. I was really amazed at what I was being shown. These numbers and what they meant were also connecting to other things that I’m being shown. I went upstairs to bed and I looked at the clock to see 11:11. Again I felt like okay this is telling me something as well. This morning I looked into the number and again was amazed at what it meant. I was in the middle of doing several things I needed to get done and I felt strongly to pick up this little book I have by Louise Hay,” Everyday positive thinking”. I had been drawn to pick it up the minute I sat down to do my work, but I didn’t get to it right away. After doing all the things I wanted to do including looking up those numbers I randomly opened  the book and laughed.

How cool God leads us, this is what the page said, “Notice repetitious signs and your inner guidance, as this can yield valuable information. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  Why was this so cool? Because all that I was reading on the google search was from Doreen as well, and it was all inner connected. Telling me the things I needed to know. You can call them synchronicity, or whatever you choose. But for me the bottom line is God sending signs to me that are showing me things he wants me to know, or questions I am asking him are being answered.

The repetitious signs being these numbers and then looking up the meaning so I understood what was being shown to me. I will tell you that I have seen these numbers for years 1010 and knew they  had meaning, I just think that maybe I wasn’t ready to receive the answer, and that’s why it took me so long to look up the meaning and why I kept seeing these numbers.  Or maybe I was missing it all those times. But I’m ready now.

God never gives up on you, to show you what you need or want to know. If you are asking he is answering. So Tune in to things that you feel are trying to tell you something. Have a blessed day. 🙂


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