God uses certain things to help guide you.

There are many ways that God uses to help lead and guide us. We may feel it or sense it but not follow it. Or we second guess it. One big way that God speaks to me is through books. I would like to tell you that I do everything I’m shown to do but unfortunately I don’t. I’m trying to get better at it everyday.

One day I was sitting down by the river writing my book. And as always seeking answers. It was a  beautiful fall day and I was all alone. Then my peace was interrupted by a women. She didn’t bother me, she came quietly down and sat a ways  behind me. We sat silent for a long time in our own space. I had to go past her to get something out of the car, as I  passed her I said hi. When I came back we got talking, she had written a book and gave it to me. Dying to Live. Which I thought was amazing here I am in the middle of no where and a book is handed to me. I went home and read that book in about two hours. What did God share with me that day. The book was small and simple. It had a message in it big time. It was everything I needed to help me keep going.

When you are open God will share what you need, no matter where you may be . Stay open to the ways he will use to speak to you.

When I ask for something I keep my mind open , I know that he will answer me. He always does. It may not be the exact thing I want but it will be a guiding answer. I may have to wait longer for what I want, but I have total faith that what I ask for will happen. I can ask a hundred times and he is gracious to answer a hundred times.With his answer to guide me. I may have to do things he wants me to do till what I want comes to pass. But he helps me every step as I seek him.

You may be sick or overweight or have an addiction. Or whatever it is . He may be showing you things like change your diet. Eat a certain food, or do something you don’t want to do. Go to a certain place for healing or help. You come to him over and over and you feel the same things he is nudging you to do. But you don’t think it will work or you just don’t want to do it. He won’t give up on answering you, trying to show you the way. You may give up on him for the answer. Just know, it’s not him giving up on you it’s you giving up on you, and you giving up on God. I always say the way is simple and hard. It’s what we make it. Just try and take the first step then another. Baby steps are just as important as big steps.

When you are asking God for something, don’t dismiss a flash thought in your head or a picture or someone saying something that may connect to your question. Today as simple as I’m saying to myself I should eat avocado on my toast. I jump on my computer open to  my yahoo inbox and there is something saying on my fitness pal, ” why avocados may help you live longer.”  Ever wonder when your thinking about eating better or getting into shape you are drawn to the answers but chose to ignore. 🙂  Have a great , blessed day.

2 thoughts on “God uses certain things to help guide you.”

  1. Wow. That just brought Soo much back for me on getting sober. The nights laying in bed saying help me God, knowing the answer but being to scared to make that final step. When I did book a stay at rehab I felt a brick lift off my chest…..many amazing things happened after that. Now I you to read every day ! Thanks Tammy


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