Where is the connections to God in us?

Listen to that still small voice inside you

God lives in us, therefore we are connected to him. I have always been able to feel and sense God in me, even as a child. Some people may not believe that, if you are one who isn’t  sure of that I will go further. There are people out there who have been in a situation where you felt strongly not to do something and by listening to that feeling found that it saved your life. That is the God that lives in us. We have these feelings living inside of us from the day we are born, intuition, gut feelings, premonitions, little voice,or a screaming voice ,urges,  something that gently pushes us. A feeling that we should do a certain thing. We follow it and we may even take it for granted and not really acknowledge what it is. That is our God living in us helping us to move in the right direction. Sometimes we may not listen and find ourselves saying I should of listened to what I was feeling. I have had this happen many times in my life. I try to follow it but sometimes I get in a rush and try to ignore it. Like the time I broke my foot, while hanging my flower baskets. My little voice as I call it was Screaming stop, don’t do this, go get your ladder, stop standing on these things, its not save. I didn’t listen I though just this one more time and I’m done. And I was done. Down on the porch floor I went, hearing a loud crack, breaking my foot.

I have had other times as well, One time driving to North Carolina, it was sleeting, there was about 4 inches of sleet on the road. My windshield was icing up. I was also driving a little BMW at 65 mph. There were other vehicles passing me as well . I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me to get off the road and clean my windshield off. I said God could you please let the sun come out and clear my windshield off. Amazingly the sun came out for about 1 minute and it melted the ice a little bit.( The sun only came out that whole day for that One minute). The voice still said get off the exit and clear your windshield off. So I followed that voice. I got off the road long enough to clear off my windshield, got back on the road and say traffic stopped. I turned on the radio heard there was an accident. I felt strong to leave room between the cars ahead of me. It gave me the room I needed to turn my car around and get off the exit which I told others to do. I got around the wreak on a road that was parallel to the highway. I saw the wreak and the cars involved were the same cars I was driving with and those that passed me. Had I not listened to that voice inside me I too what of been involved in that wreak. There were trucks on top of cars, 11 vehicles involved. Thanks to my little voice (God) I am still here enjoying life. There have been lots of times like these.

One time I could not turn my steering wheel to get into the middle lane to make a left hand turn, at that very second a tractor trailer coming towards me swerved into the middle lane going quite fast. Had I been able to turn I would have been hit head on and probably  been killed.

Thanks to my inner connections to God. You have them as well. Learn to tune into those God connections, it will help you make the right choice.



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