Simple ways God uses everyday

I asked God for a word for my path today. (that was yesterday)  I was drawn to this book I’ve had a long time, the short story was about a women finding music in a Colorado stream after she asked God for a song, something to help her in her life at that moment. The story was about God giving her music through nature that helped her through the ups and downs of life. After reading that I was going to ride my bike. Pulled out a few papers that was in my phone carrier I use some times riding my bike and what does the paper I look at say. ” So there you have it how music can change your mood.”  I laughed because it couldn’t of been any better timing. After my bike ride I went to do some journaling, I was sitting there and my eyes went to the bookshelf to my bible. I didn’t want to take the time at that second but the urge was to great so I heard in my mind Psalm 92 then Psalm 95 so I read both of them. They were all about music and singing to God giving him praise. For those of you who don’t know me I was part of a worship team for 17 years, and I’ve put that on the back burner for a long time.  I then got a flash of the songs I wrote and the songs my husband wrote and felt I needed to take them and do something with them. They have been sitting there idle for years. Later I was talking to my husband and out of know where he started talking about his songs.  Coincidence? I think not.

All of this was connected to show and speak to me to get back into my music to God. It is were I love to be, and it feels like home when I do spend the time praising and worshipping God in song, singing and playing my guitar or keyboard.

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