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Welcome to my blog! It’s been on my heart to help people understand how we have an inner connection to God, and the ways He connects with us, to lead, guide and direct us. Learning to hear and understand what you are truly hearing.  Cutting through all the chatter within to really hear that voice within, will help you to go through this life knowing that you are never alone. It will help you deal with life in a much better way. You will learn that if you take the time you will be able to really receive all the answers to your questions.When you quiet your mind and be still, ask what you need and really listen to that voice within you will find that it has always been there to lead you.

How do you quiet your mind from all this chatter and noise all around you? Sit down in  a quiet place, start taking some deep breaths hold for a second and breath out and focus on the breath, this helps you to get focused. Continue to do this relaxing breath work, then return to a normal breathing pattern. Sit quietly and ask the question you need an answer to. When your mind wanders always bring it back to your breath, this helps you stay focused.   Once you feel that you have done this long enough go about your business and expect you will receive your answer.

It can come in all kinds of ways. You will be drawn to the answer or the answer will be drawn to you. Make sure you are open to receiving it. I receive answers through so many ways.  Books, people overhearing someone talking, an article, a song, a sign or billboard, a license plate. I  have had answers to my questions come all kinds of ways. Don’t forget feelings, inklings, gut feelings, little voice, loud voice, intuition. There are some many ways. Some people feel red cardinals or things like that have been a sign. Red cardinals, eagles and birds have come to me as signs. Once you learn to really listen you will hear all you need to hear.

If you feel unsure of and answer you will find that you will receive the answer again and again, if you ask, and then listen.

Have a Great Day!    Tammy    Continue reading “My blog!”

More than ever

More than ever we need to be learning to go within to find the true answers to what we need to know. Every where we turn it seems people are trying to brain wash us into believing what they want us to know. We can hear them say one thing and then flip flop to another thing. Or say one thing one day and the next change their might and want you to believe this other idea. You may find yourself saying, wait a minute you said the opposite thing last month. Then you find yourself believing their new way only to find they change their mind again. Confusing huh?

You hear in the news one thing, then change the channel and hear something totally different. Here’s another brainwashing thing, buy this it’s so much better then what you already have. Everything in your life someone wants to control your thinking. It’s time to stop all of the other peoples thinking and find your own thinking.

I have been involved in completing my book “Awakening to hear the voice within.” This book will help you go within and hear and trust your inner guidance. You will hear the right thing and then you will learn how to trust what you have heard is truly the right thing.

When you learn to apply these principles you will become better every day at turning to your inner guidance. You will hear your voice within and know the truth, the way you should go and the right path for you to take. You will learn to stop flip flopping because you weren’t sure what was true or false. You will become more confident in making the best choices for your life.

My mission in life is to help people to tune into their inner guidance, plugging in to the source to help you in every area of your life. To me that source is God and when you learn to connect to source, every question you ask will be answered. It can be that simple yet hard. It’s what you make of it through your thinking. What you think so shall you receive. Learn to get rid of the things you don’t want in your life so you can have the things you want.

Have a wonderful blessed day and healing to those needing to be healed. Remember You are loved and You are not alone on this journey. 🙂

Seek and you will find the correct answers

August 26th 2020


With all of the information we have coming at us everyday it can be overwhelming and very confusing as to what is the truth and what is not. If you are like me you can be caught up in the moment and it may not be the truth or the narrative wants you to believe what they want you to. We can be swayed so easily to believe what they want you to believe. Even the fact checkers are not telling you the truth.


So where do you go to find the truth. That is simple. You go to your place of stillness and connect to God the greatest source of all. The truth, the way and the all-knowing. Ask Him to show you the truth. He will show you the answers you seek and the truth if you are open to see the truth. He will lead you in many different ways to help you hear the answers you need. Keep an open mind always because He may use someone or something you may want to dismiss as not being the answer you seek.  He does that to help you keep an open mind.  I have found many answers in this way. I have learned to always keep my mind open and alert to the answers I seek.


More than ever these days we need our close walk with God. Make sure you find the time for your connection to God, the Universe and all around you that He uses to help you through this world. Remember you are never alone. Reach out and you will find all that you need. God Bless and have a nice day. 😊


With God Yeah But Doesn’t exist.

I can’t even tell you the amount of times I hear this phrase “Yeah But.” When it comes to believing in God why is there a yeah but. If you believe that he hears your prayers and answers them, then why is there a yeah but.

Today I realized that once again I let myself drift back into the world without my quiet time with God. Seeking, searching and listening to His direction. I came up to my office to seek, pray, listen and write. I felt lost at first because I got away from spending time this way with God for a few days.  He gives me tangible things I know are straight from Him.  I had spent quiet time on the couch earlier this morning because I am dealing with really bad pain in my lower back, hips, and down my leg. I did what God showed me to do and it helped with the pain to get moving. I seem to be hit with a number of ailments in the past few years but I always know I will overcome each thing thrown at me. Because I believe God will show me how. I don’t sit around and wait; I seek and take action.

I noticed one of my little notebooks and picked it up opened it to where I wrote “Great stories about the power of healing in the Amazing Laws of the Cosmic mind Power” Especially page 42- 43. So, I decided that is what I needed to do. I went to that page and there were two good stories that I read. One was about a woman who was told she was like the man in the bible with the withered hand. She said that was true, and I realized that was also me. The story was so similar to my story. Allowing circumstances to stop me from doing what I want to do.   And then I read the other story about the man who was dying, due to kidney failure, nothing more they could do for him.  Joseph, the author said to the unconscious man- “Jesus is here with you. You see Him.  He is putting His hand out.  At this moment He is laying His hand upon you. He repeated it several times. The man opened his eyes said he had a visitor. Jesus was here. I know I am healed. I shall live.” Joseph went on to ask was this a Miracle?  The man believed Jesus came and healed him. And this belief healed him.

I got a flash thought ” I am God power because God lives in me.” I have to believe that. God lives in me and when I pray, seek and ask the way will be made. That’s GOD, that’s Faith, That’s Belief, that’s Miracles. I have the power; it lives in me.  Most of us will add the “Yeah But” because we don’t really believe that we have this power living in us. When we ask Jesus into our lives that means He comes into our lives resides in us and we now have His power living in us to do ALL THINGS. Healing is one of them. No “Yeah but” Either you believe He will help you through or you make excuses. No Buts about it. If you have to go through the fire, you must believe you will get through it. Unafraid because you are not alone. It’s all in our thinking, whatever you believe you will receive. Are you all powerful because God lives in you?

Believe that inside of you lives the “All Powerful God” leading, guiding and directing you as to what you need to do in your life to overcome any and all things that may come against you. If you are allowing fear to stop you then you will never live the life you were meant to live. Fear is from the dark side doing all it can to stop you from living the best life ever, walking with the all-powerful, connecting to the all-powerful living in you. GOD LIVES IN YOU, therefore you have the power to overcome all things. Spend that quiet time every day with Him as you would do spending time with a friend and watch your life change for the better.
Don’t let the dark side filled with fear stop you from overcoming anything this world throws at you. Remember our God is bigger! He lives in us! We have the power!

Have a great blessed day. You are powerful because of God. 🙂



Fear and Politics on each side is real

Today I would like to share with you, what I experienced the other day. I met a beautiful person and her boyfriend. Both very sweet people. The girl was black and the man was white. One thing was said in our many talks was they knew that when they had kids it was going to be hard on them. How very sad this still exists in our world. We talked about many different subjects and we got along really well. We chatted for a lot of the time we were at this place. We started out with talking about hair because I thought her hair was very pretty, we talked about many different topics, at the end of the night politics came into the picture. I don’t allow politics to be talked about in the presence of the opposite party. It can get very heated and sometimes ugly. So, I always stop it before it starts. And I told her that. For some reason I brought up one thing that I have changed my mind about and that is abortion. I believe that it was God directing my path.  I shared with her how I changed my mind on abortion. I once was in the position of getting an abortion and it ended up not happening. But it took me a very long while to see the awfulness of abortion and what it all means. So, I can relate to people going through this very difficult time in life. I shared my story with her. Then I said over the years I have seen the light and what it is all about. When I was a kid, I did not see it that way.


All of a sudden politics came pouring out of her mouth and I saw this beautiful girl in her mid-30s lose it. She cried, and she let all her fears rip, I stood there in shock. I couldn’t believe this hate and fear that came from her thinking. How upset she was and how strong her thoughts were controlling every waking moment of her life. I saw a side that I needed to see. She couldn’t sleep she had so much anxiety, stress, hate and sadness in her. I let her spill it all out. Not chiming in to tell her my thoughts. I told her once I have the same fears on the other end. I also realized I did not have that kind of rage in me. I gave her a lot of hugs and I told her she needed God, quiet time and peace in her life. She was a huge basket case like I have never seen in my life over politics. My heart breaks for Gods people. I love all people, even when they don’t agree with me. There is light and love in all of us. We are all Gods children, not just some. Love everyone and learn to give a hug and listen instead of trying to get your opinion across, give a hug and send up a prayer for God to bless them. That is what God wants us to do.

In all of my years on earth have I never experienced this kind of hate towards a president, towards the opposite party that has happened since this election. This is all a huge stronghold from the dark side. We have to see what has happened.  I do not hold anything against anyone. I do know where this is coming from. The division on this earth is from the dark side dividing people to hate in such rage they can’t control themselves. We are playing the blame game but there is no blame but one place and if we don’t get a grip on this and start realizing where all of this is coming from it will only get worse and worse. Politics is the stronghold over most of us today


We are all being brainwashed to believe what we are hearing. What we constantly hear, read and see is what we believe.  We are ALL being told what to believe. We are All believing our way is the right way. I believe that this is the time for the world to change and I believe that it is going to in one way or the other. This is a time to really really really pray for our country and our world and for every living person on earth. This hate and fear stronghold has to be cast out of this world. It is in every area of this world, and in our thinking. No excuses period. See if for what it is and let it go. Let’s take a look at these times, more than ever before people are looking to God, sending up tons of prayers and changing their way of life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. These bad things made more people turn to God and pray.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have heard “yeah but” in this crazy time. I have talked to so many God believing people with “yeah but” to explain why God won’t help them or protect them. Faith and belief are replaced with “yeah but.” You have to believe God is with you. When God reigns down upon his people it will be ALL people. And no one will stop it. I do think that we will be amazed at who misses the boat when this happens.

When I pray to God it isn’t “yeah but.”  If God wants me to do something I am not going to say “yeah but this can’t be right” If I believe in the power of God then I don’t have to take control of who I am or how I should control the situation. I trust in my God to have control of what He is asking me to do. You are probably wondering what I am talking about so I will tell you.

God wants us to get out there and pray for our country, world and all people. He wants me to spread the word and get together a group of people to pray. Simple prayer, praise and lift up worship to Him. Without limits put on this gathering. To trust Him. To do this beside all of our brothers and sisters, not just who we feel comfortable being around. All people of this world in every religion, every walk of life will be touched. Not controlled by man. Letting go of control and allowing God to reign down on all man. Can we do that? Can we pray and say to God not my will but yours be done? Trust and have Faith that God knows what he is doing and we don’t have to try and control God like we have been trying to do forever. In every revival it has always been a few people praying for God to reign down and it has been a phenomenal experience like no other.  People pray that “God will take control for our lives, our world and All people, Not my will but yours God. AMEN”

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Enemy versus Us


On my mediation pillows today. God was showing me something I want to share. We feel that we are at war with democrats or republicans but this is not the case at all. We are at war with the enemy, the evil one. The enemy is on the backs of all of us controlling how we act, what we do and say making us wage war on all human beings. It is written that this will happen. What better way to win the war but to divide and conquer? Making us hate more and more every day. We have to see what this really is.

We are on the battle field we are supposed to be fighting the war, together right? If we could see in the spiritual realm, we would see evil beings riding on all of our backs directing us to do evil things, to hate, to destroy and all the while the enemy is laughing thinking he has the upper hand. Stop and think about this for a minute and really see this picture.

We must look at this as a spiritual battle. We now have a great divide in the world allowing hate in everything to consume our thinking. All of this stuff that is going around is total evil. Men who kill other men has this evil being riding on their back whispering do this evil. Evil wants us to be divided in everything we say and do. Don’t fall for the enemies’ trap that has been set for us to take hold of. We all know right from wrong we have always had a set of rules born in our hearts to follow but we choose to ignore the right thing to do. Some of us have more to battle than others. We have the bible to go by but we must be connected to the God source within that will help us to make the right choices. I will tell you that I know the right and good things I should be doing but I choose to ignore at times. I have urges that I have to battle daily just like every living person, each may be different but still wrong. It is what we choose to follow that takes us to the enemies’ camp. There are no excuses.  We allow the enemy to take over our thinking so we can justify its okay. The enemy is doing a great job at making us believe all the crap he is throwing at us.  Making us swallow all of it as the truth and the right way.

If there is hate in our thoughts that’s from the enemy, if we are going against our brother no matter what color, race, religion or creed. If it’s not in love, then it is not what our creator wanted from us, it is from the dark side. We are to be the light of love in this time of darkness. How can we overcome this overwhelming battle you ask?  It’s going into our quiet time doing battle through tons of prayer, meditation, speaking in our spiritual language praising and worshiping God.  Waging war on the enemy that is trying to destroy this world God made. He is also taking you with him as well to a place you don’t want to be in.

When we get angry and feel like it is hopeless, remember it is from the enemy and he has done his job. If we choose to fight the fight with words of hate and anger then the enemy wins. If we use these negative words of hate and anger without tons of time doing battle where we should be doing battle then the enemy has won. Don’t be in this battle doing it the wrong way, because you will have the demon on your back just like the one that you are confronting. Spiritual warfare is won by using the spiritual weapons God has given us.

Joshua 6: 1-27 the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelite’s marched everyday once for 6 days around the city and seven times on the seventh day then blew their trumpets and the walls came down.

People have prayed for many things over the years from moving mountains to healing the sick, raise the dead, to simple tiny things. I once asked churches to come together on Sunday afternoon to pray over our school because the fire alarms and bomb threats were getting out of control and it worked. With faith in prayers and continuous belief, non-stop praying we can win this war. Don’t look at these people that are doing evil as the enemy, the demon is riding their backs and they need prayer to help them rid themselves of the enemy on their backs. It is a time of spiritual warfare and its time to do your part in this war. Spend time seeking, praying and listening in our quiet connection to God. And He will hear our requests.

Let us come together in prayer. When you wake up take some time to pray good things for our country and all people, and ask for His protection and love to surround you, your family, friends and loved ones. Take a moment during the day and do this again, and then again at night time before you go to bed. Make this a habit. Also ride or walk through your towns and cities and send up prayers, spend a minute over a post you read that makes you angry. Turn off the negative and turn on the prayers. If you want to win the battle you have to put the time into it. We are all qualified to fight in this battle for good to come forth. Not taking sides, not asking for more of evil for what we want to be the right way, but for God to reign again over the evil that is upon us. God bless you all. Let’s win this spiritual battle of evil consuming our world.


Fear Is From The Enemy

My God brought me to a thought today to share. How many say a prayer and walk away believing that your prayer is answered? Are you strong in your faith that your prayer was heard by God and He will be with you?

This is where the power of connection and belief that God is with us comes in. He hears us and speaks to us all the time. If you allow fear, doubt, worry and all the other negative things into your thinking then you are letting in the enemy and ignoring your prayer, and your God. We say we are spiritual we believe in God, but do we really? I don’t think so. Believing in God is putting your whole trust in Him know matter what happens. Cowering in a corner fearing anything is of the enemy. We can’t cower in fear and expect it will save us.

We must walk strong in faith believing that God is with us and He will bring us through. He has heard our prayer. When I ask God to protect me I believe He will. I also have that connection that I hear Him when he warns me. But being human I still make mistakes when I am in a hurry and let that warning drift past me without acknowledging it. These warning may come in a flash and be gone. I find that every time something bad happened to me I wasn’t taking heed to the warning God gave me. I heard the warning but I did not listen. There is a difference between fear and a warning to help you move through life unafraid.

I will share something that happened yesterday. I was laying on a lounge chair lightly sleeping, eyes closing and opening. My granddaughter was just putting a new decal on her new skate board. She stepped on the skateboard to try it out and she slipped a bit. My flash thought was she’s not used to this new board she needs to be very careful she could fall. I let that flash thought leave without addressing it. I should have prayed for her, either stop her and say a prayer over her or send up a prayer myself but I didn’t. That was a missed call to acknowledge and take action. A little while later she came home with cuts all over her hands and body. The board was faster then she realized. Moral of this story listen and take heed to what you are being show. It wasn’t fear I heard it was a flash thought to warn me. Stop and pray to protect her.

When I ask God to protect me I am covering myself or my family with God’s protection. He wants us to do this all the time. Whenever you have to do something and fear gets in your way, you need to ask God to protect you and walk in faith that He heard you and is PROTECTING YOU. No excuse. He will protect you. That is faith. We can’t stop our time to die no matter how hard we try. So live your life in faith that God hears you and if you take heed to your connection within He will warn you or you will know whatever you need to know. We have to learn to trust God and tune into our voice within and don’t overlook little flashes that will help us along the way to a safer healthy happy life, without fear.

Fear is from the enemy and this is our battle on earth. Remember our God is stronger and we have that power within us. Our prayers are stronger then we could ever imagine as long as we believe God can and God will. Through seeking Him in quiet time without words, and through our times of prayer. We will learn to be fearless.

Take charge

I woke up and what I got from the morning of seeking was its time to take charge of our lives.

“God has given us wisdom and discernment so it’s time to use it.” I was drawn to several things. One was censorship, and the other was of a man asked to heal a dead boy. He prayed over him for an hour and the boy was healed. To powerful things to test your faith.

For the past several days I have been in a controversy over what I am believing, in what I am reading on the computer. I had a dream the night before last that was very disturbing. I knew it had a meaning. When I woke up the feeling that I am being pushed down by the enemy to make me feel I don’t know what I am talking about. I am tossed to and fro and what I am posting and sensing and believing isn’t correct because it’s not jiving with what is being told on social media is the truth.

This morning as I was being shown some things, God was speaking to me even greater. Older people rely on the beliefs in what they have been taught. God values and God being first in their lives believing in good. Now this generation of kids from my kids age down are questioning God, the bible, and thinking that the older generation are old feeble and don’t know what they are talking about. They will laugh at you because hey I checked on google or the internet and you are wrong. Their feelings are being numbed because of the internet. We are being led to believe what the evil want use to believe.   Strange how this virus is attacking the older people and the compromised immune systems of unhealthy people. Coincidence, I think not.

For years the enemy has been making people believe that the church is insignificant. Everyone is sinning. People in the church are sinning, and have the wrong take on life. Men that are leading in God’s name are wrong and stupid. We don’t see signs any longer that God is with us, but that is so far from the truth. We are in a state of not seeing, hearing or believing that God does miracles daily for every one of us. We miss the signs He is giving us because the enemy is making us too busy to notice that we are being given the signs we need to show us the right way.

Now we are in a time of lock down. Let it work for you rather than against you. It’s time to rise up and turn our hearts back to the one who can save us. We have all the time to be able to do this now. Get off social media, television, and the enemy lines and turn back to seeking Him with our whole heart. If we don’t do this now, then we will be led down a path we don’t want to go. We have the power to change things. We may not be rich and powerful like a lot of these people who are trying to control us. (Let’s face it why would you be working on an evil virus, that is made to look like it will heal us. You don’t play with evil unless you want to use it for evil purposes.)

You ask what power do we have to fight this evil? The one the most powerful who made heaven and earth, who controls the Universe, the wind, rain, and storms. He has given us the biggest weapon possible and that is prayer. In seeking and spending the time with Him we can move mountains, raise the dead, heal the sick, and stop evil from controlling this world. It is simple yet hard. Because we allow are unbelief and the people who try to make us believe that this is not possible. I don’t care what you think or believe, but if you don’t believe that you have the power within given to you by a powerful God then you won’t be able to do anything. You will allow fear to stop you from overcoming any and every trial you come up against. It isn’t about one man to help us on earth, it is about all of us praying, seeking God and standing in unity in agreement that we are strong. We have the power within. Connected we are a powerful force not to be reckoned with.

When Moses stood on the mountain to conquer the enemy he grew tired, God gave him two men to stand on each side of him to hold up his arms, to help him. We are the hands that need to help our country to destroy the enemy that is trying to take over. How? by seeking Him so we know the truth and He will lead, guide and direct us in the right path to go. He will make us strong to fight the battle.

Which one do you want to be in this scripture verse? Matthew 13:13-15

“Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah. You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.  For this people’s heart has become calloused. They hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes otherwise they might see with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn and I would heal them.” We need to heal our land. We need to open our eyes and see the enemy. See the lies, see the hate, violence, destruction, sickness, and every negative thing out there for what it is and where it comes from, the enemy.

We have the power to overcome. Use it. I would like to say all is well in my camp. I don’t have to struggle with anything but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am battling with health issues that want to keep me from moving forward. But I am choosing to believe in healing each time I will overcome and keep moving forward because I have the power to overcome. I will not give in to this enemy that is trying to destroy our world as we know it and take control. We are all worth it.



The unseen , unheard between two people are felt. And that is a game changer

How many think that when you do or say hurtful or mean things about your spouse, significant other, family member, friend or anybody,  they will never know? You may not realize this but that isn’t true. There are many vibrations in the unseen world that are felt. It isn’t heard but our body feels these negative words we put out into the Universe. When you do something bad that hurts someone, that person may not know it but they feel it.

The person feels  it in their  hearts and in their bodies, these hurtful things. We think we are getting away with them, but we really aren’t. We can”t understand why they are being so cold or distant or mean to us. The reason is they feel these hurtful things. We may try to go over and above to make that person feel better. We may feel guilty that we have done or said things to hurt them. Just remember you can’t run from the bad things you do towards other. It will put a wedge in between you. When you think you are doing something in secret you are not. You have put it out into the Universe.

When you feel your relationship with a person is not right ask yourself what is it that you’re doing to put a wedge between you. Chances are these little things you say or do that are hurtful are coming back to bit you from this unseen world, inner connection, and the inner knowing. The air waves are full of things passing by us and through us.  We feel things that we may not understand. This is the reason.

If you want a great relationship with anyone don’t say bad things about them. Don’t do bad things to them and don’t make fun of them. You will never be able to run away from things kept in secret that hurts others.  You have put these negative feelings out there and will be picked up and felt by the person. It’s better to say nothing at all if you can’t say anything nice. And if you plan on doing something that is wrong towards someone. You will find you will pay the price somehow for your secrets.

Have a great day and put good vibes out to all.  God bless 🙂


Seek and you will find

I have been going through and ordeal of breaking my foot, getting a heavy cast put on and making my life a living hell of pain. My doctor wanted to reschedule my appointment I had 20 days after I broke my foot, due to the Corona virus but  I asked if I could please get the cast taken off and he took it off. I still have to be careful and non weight bearing. I’m feeling so much better but mentally I was still allowing the negative whispers to keep me stuck. I started to put my mind into seeking Him. He then started to fill me up with things I needed to hear.

He gave me another idea for a book, He showed me (in an unusual way) a story of someone much worse than me who was dying and how she was grateful for the little things she still had and what she would receive in the future. Confirmation on the book idea He just gave me, and He also led me to a book, “The Amazing Laws of the Cosmic Mind Power” in a really strange way that brought me a wealth of information to help me overcome these negative whispers that where keeping me in this bad place. Bringing me to the chapter on ” The Miraculous Law of Healing” and how we can use our mind connected to God to heal us.

Yes! I am human and even though I know all of these things that keep us stuck, I still waver at times and allow these things to enter my thinking. Being in a lot of pain can take you out of a good place to an unbearable frame of mind. It can suck the life out of you.  There is peace in going to Him and asking Him to help you through. Seeing the silver lining in the dark clouds around you, and using the mind He has given you to connect to His strength, the God power within you to help you through.  I will overcome and become stronger and the desires of my heart I will receive. I have found that in these times I will bounce back much faster because I know what I have to do to overcome.

You may be wondering how I broke my foot. I will tell you that God shared with me two times what I should do and I didn’t listen.  I also ignored the warning sign and decided I would be okay with what I did. Long story short . Taking heed to these small signs will help us out of bad situations. But one thing I have found, you will always learn from these bad things that happen to you. We can also make something good out of a bad situation if you take the time to seek and find out what it is you can learn or do while your in the situation.

Have a great day! Allow your thoughts to be on God’s protection surrounding you and make the best of this bad situation. You may just find lots of good things coming from it. 🙂

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God spoke to me through Joel Osteen

I am directed in so many interesting ways to the messages I need. Sunday I got up to listen to Joel Osteen’s  message but it was about his Yankee stadium day. I was a bit disappointed but I was okay.  I had to deal with something  unpleasant that took me to my computer and on face book. I was feeling a bit unhappy, but this situation lead me to Joel’s live church service and his message was about to start. Amazing timing.

Had this situation not happened I would not have gone to the computer and saw the message I needed to hear. I have been dragging my feet about moving forward with my life and work. Having long conversations with God. Once again God used Joel’s message to speak to me loud and clear. I could have said that it was God in Joel’s body  talking to me. Lol.  The words Joel was saying was the conversation I had been having with God and Joel’s words were telling me what I needed to know and do. I was totally in awe of what he was saying. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

The way I got to hearing these words would never have come to me had this situation not happened to me. After hearing Joel speak I knew why this happened. In a round about way it led me to hearing Joel’s message. God used Joel to answer my questions.

Sometimes we have to go through unpleasant things to get to what we need for our lives. Things may happen and we wonder why, but there is a reason for everything. Find the answer in every situation that comes into your life.  Have a great day! 🙂