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Welcome to my blog! It’s been on my heart to help people understand how we have an inner connection to God, and the ways He connects with us, to lead, guide and direct us. Learning to hear and understand what you are truly hearing.  Cutting through all the chatter within to really hear that voice within, will help you to go through this life knowing that you are never alone. It will help you deal with life in a much better way. You will learn that if you take the time you will be able to really receive all the answers to your questions.When you quiet your mind and be still, ask what you need and really listen to that voice within you will find that it has always been there to lead you.

How do you quiet your mind from all this chatter and noise all around you? Sit down in  a quiet place, start taking some deep breaths hold for a second and breath out and focus on the breath, this helps you to get focused. Continue to do this relaxing breath work, then return to a normal breathing pattern. Sit quietly and ask the question you need an answer to. When your mind wanders always bring it back to your breath, this helps you stay focused.   Once you feel that you have done this long enough go about your business and expect you will receive your answer.

It can come in all kinds of ways. You will be drawn to the answer or the answer will be drawn to you. Make sure you are open to receiving it. I receive answers through so many ways.  Books, people overhearing someone talking, an article, a song, a sign or billboard, a license plate. I  have had answers to my questions come all kinds of ways. Don’t forget feelings, inklings, gut feelings, little voice, loud voice, intuition. There are some many ways. Some people feel red cardinals or things like that have been a sign. Red cardinals, eagles and birds have come to me as signs. Once you learn to really listen you will hear all you need to hear.

If you feel unsure of and answer you will find that you will receive the answer again and again, if you ask, and then listen.

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Prayer + 1 step Further

How many feel that praying is the best thing we can do? Here’s the thing that we miss. God has made us to be used by Him. Prayer + 1 step further

We need to take it one step further. Take it a little deeper and ask God what you can do for this person we are praying for. If there is a way you can help He will guide you to what you need to do.

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer and 1 step further. Remember prayer should be first place when we commit to it. Write the person or persons name down and keep it in a place or several places you see often and send up prayers all day long. If you get a feeling or prompting to so something for that person, do it. That is God asking you to be His hands to bless that person.

We are God’s hands, and He made them to do all we can to make this world a better place. Your heart and hands are a gift from God to help others in time of need and also just to be kind and caring. You never know what one kind gesture can make to someones day. A smile, or kind phone call or text saying I’m thinking about you I love you, I care. Plus 1 step further.

If you are feeling down, depressed, sad, unhappy, useless, worthless try thinking of something you can do for someone else and watch how this is used by God, and in turn He will bless you. Plus you will feel so much better.

1 person @ a time, 1 step @ a time can change the world to make it a better place.

God bless you and keep you strong, may you feel the love of God in your heart and may you be a blessing to others. Have a great day 🙂


The great awakening in oneself

I am so very glad I am in this place with God. He shows me so much. I have taken Him out of the box so therefore I can now see so much more. Most people who follow the religion of this world only find a small part of God. I was one of those people for so long. The beliefs they have are so small minded they can’t even begin to experience all God has in store for them. They follow what they have always been taught and there is no room for outside the box of thinking.

Looking at Moses. He was a great man of the bible; He had a connection with God and God spoke to him and did great things through him. Could you just imagine God parting the red sea for you then walking through it and then watching the water destroy all of the enemies chasing you. Then God says hit your staff on the rock and water comes out. The God connection was really strong I would say. Yet the next time God tells you to speak to the rock you don’t listen, you know how he told you to do it last time, hit the rock so you don’t listen. You stick to the old ways and lose your great blessing of going into the promised land.

I do believe that many of us are sticking to the old ways not allowing God to do and be the mighty God He really is. We are stuck in old beliefs. That is why we don’t soar the way we should. We aren’t what God intends us to be. Because we stick with old beliefs and we can’t possibly think any different.

I challenge people to step out of the box, stop believing in our narrow old ways of thinking and allow new and great things God has for us and get the negative microwave way of thinking out of our thoughts. Allow God to speak to you and follow what He is telling you to do. We all have a connection to God.  He is in all of us. When we finally step out of the box and trust Him and really believe He can do great things in our lives and we never allow doubt fear or can’t do mentality to stop God. I believe you will find a mighty God you never new existed in this way. Think about it you are not only stopping yourself; you are stopping God from working in your life.

Take the limits off of God and let Him take charge of your life and stop allowing man to hinder you from what God wants for your life. You are a mighty warrior because God lives in you. Old ways and thoughts be gone in Jesus’ name AMEN! Have a blessed day.  God Bless 😊


Do things uncomfortably

Today with all that is going on in the world, God wants us to really tune in to what He shows us.

I am really tuning into God so I will be able to go through my day-to-day life in the best way possible. I’m going to share with you what He has been showing me in the past couple of days.

I felt God say to read my book again. But I didn’t do it. Being the great God He is He then directed me to a message. The message was about leaving old traditions behind. One part talked about God telling Moses to hit the rock to get water out of the rock. The second time God wanted him to speak to the rock but Moses didn’t want to do the new way God told him. He was comfortable in his old way. Uncomfortable in the new way to get the water out of the rock. God has new things He wants to do. New ways to do them. We cannot stay stuck in our old ways or we will miss the new things God wants to do. It was a sermon I knew was for me at this time. God reassured me that I was on track with what He wants me to do.

I also had some really crazy dreams for a couple of nights. I thought this is not me nor would I ever do these things. Even to go out in the streets full of people in my underwear. Lol. I pray as I’m waking up a lot of times and the answer to these several nights of crazy dreams came to me. Do things I would never feel comfortable doing for God. Even if people were to laugh at me. “Do them uncomfortably.”

I then got up after me devotion and quiet time with God, to a text. I had met with several people last night who are launching a new church. I felt lead to give the new pastor my book. I get a text this morning   from a friend at the meeting it said “We are all concerned that your book seems very NEW AGE based on the names of the chapters and your speaking of connecting with the Universe.” My whole book is about connecting to God. God has many names. He is everywhere. God made everything. My book is about connecting to God and all the ways God can and does speak to us. God directed me to write this book. In a dream I was in His classroom He was giving me what I needed to write in my book. He also told me people would try to stop me, do it anyway.

I am on my path hand and hand with God. I will never allow man to quench the spirit of God living in me. I will never go back to the traditions of man. If you allow Him to lead you in your life you will always be led to just what you need. The sermon, I was directed to, my book I should have read again, the crazy dreams that came with a meaning a couple days later. All tied together giving me the message I needed. There is meaning in everything we are directed to if we seek God with our whole heart and put Him first place in our lives.

 Sometimes we have to “do things uncomfortably.” Keep on the path God is leading you on and trust Him for everything you need. Let your light shine bright in the darkness and never let man try to put out your light because they are not in the place God has put you in. God says, “Be not afraid for I am with you always.”  

Never let anyone try to put out your light because they don’t believe as you do. Never be afraid of the new things God is doing in your life. Keep on your path, God is holding your hand walking next to you. He will help you at every turn. Let go and let God. Seek and you will find. Have a great day 🙂



I am sad today. I never really wanted to believe that Satan could be so strong and would dupe so many people. I thought if we believed in God and accepted Jesus as our Savoir all would be ok. Yet I see so many people being duped. Believing the lies, not really knowing what is right and what is wrong.

We are in a war of good verses evil. Read the Book of Matthew 24, I would say go back to the King James Version. Not the new King James the old version. You can look at the newer versions but make it a point to look in the old King James. I think that we are in a place where the end can be here. I think our world has become wicked and we are deceived by Satan. We have allowed him to creep in little by little not even realizing it. Most of our kids and even my generation has walked away from God. Making all kinds of excuses about what we were taught, doubting the bible, and the people who have taught us about God. We are all sinners and make mistakes no matter how hard we try not to. We are fighting a battle daily and if we are not armed with the protection, we need we can get knocked down or deceived. And   those who don’t know God will be the first to be led into the fire, trying to take us all with them.

In past times when people have been led to their death, they did not realize just how evil Satanist can be. Most of us are kind loving people who love our fellow man. Strange how we have been led to hate our neighbors for any and all reasons. We hate our children or our parents because of many reasons we have been led to believe. Tell me is that what God wanted for us.  Matthew 22 :37 (Greatest commandment) -Love the Lord your God with all your soul and with all your might. Matthew 22:39 (second greatest commandment) – Love your neighbor as yourself.  

What about John 4:20-21 If a man says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar: for he loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen. 21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God loveth his brother also

Why do we feel we can allow all of these excuses to hate our brother? (Our sister, mother father, cousin, aunt, uncle, children, friends, neighbors, people) There should be no excuses, no grudges, no hurt feelings, no past hurts. Yet we still feel we are justified as to why we hate. Hate is not from God. Is it a hard line to walk? It sure is, can you walk in love as Jesus did? Loving those who beat Him to a pulp, then hung Him on a cross to die. Giving His life for us to live. Tell me how many can just forgive and love even 1% like that? Our commandment is to love thy neighbor as thyself. Can you do that or is your excuse No I won’t but God will forgive me? If the rapture came today, do you think you will be taken up with God? Or are you second guessing yourself? Or are you justifying your unforgiveness. Really take a look at who you are. Are we allowing the ways of the world to get in the way of you and God?  

So, what am I getting at here? There is plenty of hate going around, plenty of unloving people, nobody obeys any laws, no real love being shown at all.  The internet will tell you just what you need to know whether it be right our wrong depending on who wrote it. Why all this confusion. Evil is confusion. Confusion is not from God; Fear is not from God; Hate is not from God; I’m right is not from God.

If you Love the Lord your God with all your heart then you will love your neighbor, you will show love and not hate. You will be there with open arms unafraid you will die because someone choose something you don’t agree with. GOD IS LOVE- WE NEED TO BE LOVE- without love we are all doomed to go where we are being led. It won’t be to the gates of Heaven.

 Oh, wait a minute do we even believe in God or Heaven or the bible? Do we still hear God or are we clouded by what is being shoved upon our minds in every place we look? Do we want to know God and do what God wants you to do? Or do you want to just get through our day and force on all humanity what we feel is right from what we are being told. Do what they say or else. Who is they anyway? Do you really know and trust they?

Tell me something, are we loving life and living life to the fullest loving God our neighbors and doing our best to help where we can? Are we being God’s light of love? Does it have to be my way or the highway?


Find GOD, find LOVE. Find peace, find hope, find happiness knowing the true feeling of love. If you feel any negative emotions towards anyone even self, then that is evil and not the love of our Father, who we are supposed to be like. I pray for each person to be the love of God. Spread the love all over this world that belongs to God. Get rid of the evil and be the Love of God. YES, YOU CAN!

Release stress and negative energy!

In these times we are living in we sure need to feel God working in us.  

I find that if I don’t spend my quiet time daily resting in God, I get swallowed up by all of this negative energy that seems to be vibrating everywhere we go.

If this, is you, when you are feeling overwhelmed by life just stop, close your eyes take some deep cleansing breathes, relax your shoulders and body and let go of all the cares on your mind. Do this for a few moments. We don’t even realize how much stress and tension we store up daily. Make this your practice. Get rid of all that negative energy you carry around with you. Learn to release this excess baggage that does not serve you.

Take a walk for a few minutes and focus on nature, look at a bird, enjoy a butterfly crossing your path. Keep taking those cleansing breathes that will clear your mind and heal your body. Give all these negative vibes to God. He has big shoulders and can handle it.

 Try to do this 3 times a day for 5 minutes daily and feel the results of a less stressed life. God bless.  Have a stress-free happy life secure in God’s peace 🙂


God’s Got This. Seek and you will be comforted!

I am seeing more than ever people are feeling unrest. They feel like they don’t know who they can trust to give them comfort and the truth. They feel lied to, they feel all over the map, where do I go who can tell me what I need to know.  There are some that think they have all the answers but are still baffled by what they are seeing and hearing. It’s seems like nothing’s adding up, nothing ‘s making sense.  This is the time more than ever to go within seek God and be still and let Him speak to you, comfort you and give you direction.

When you learn to do this, you will be led to the things you need to know and hear and you will have discernment. Yes, we all fall down at times because we want things to go our way and when it doesn’t, we wonder if God really knows how to take care of all these things. Trust God, He knows what He’s doing.

This is also the time where patience is a virtue with no excuses, trust is a must no excuses, faith has to be at an all time high.  Even if you fall down go to God and dump it all out on him. He has big shoulders He can take it, and He will take all your burdens, fears and concerns and will guide you to pick yourself up to fight another day. You will find you will receive all the answers you need in just a moment. We can’t walk in this world without this almighty connection to our creator. All we have to do is spend that quiet time with Him and all fear is gone, hope is back and the answers will be made clear.

So now is the time to do what you know in your heart to do, you will be comforted, guided and you will feel the love. You will find your security lies with the almighty God. With God all things are possible. He hears your prayers and your cries. Give all doubt and fear to Him. Nothing is too hard for Him.

God bless you and keep you strong. We are all in this together, together with God we will stand strong.

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Stop Look, Listen, Hear, Trust and Do. Time Is Now!

Today God shared with me several things. One was you are healed. The second was a story about a pastor visiting Africa, out in the middle of nowhere with a group of people. (long story shortened) He was looking at the stars going further away from people, he kept hearing a loud voice saying “don’t go on the other side of that bush”, he didn’t listen and kept walking towards the huge bush. Second time same thing, loud voice “don’t go on the other side of that bush.” He didn’t understand what this was, he wasn’t listening and kept walking towards the bush. Then the third time the guide they were with called him and told them they were leaving. He wasn’t far away from the 12-passenger open air jeep. He jumped in the jeep and the guy said you hear that? It ended up that on the other side of the bush were 6 female lions. Had he kept going without listening he would have been attacked by 6 lions. Thankfully God used the guide to save him.

 I don’t know about you but I have a lot of stories where God has saved me, because I listened. I am sure there have been lots of times I listened and didn’t even know God saved me from harm. I also know there are lots of times I didn’t listen to that voice within and had to pay the consequences for not listening.

My work is to teach people to listen to that voice within. Once you start to do this you will be guided more and more to discern the things God is speaking to you and those that are not of God and are not good for you. My book is simple, it helps people who don’t even know God to get started. God gave me this book to help people in these dark times to be guided to trust their inner voice so you can make the right choices. To navigate your path to the way you are to go and to be able to discern the enemy who is always climbing on your back to take you in the wrong way.  Even the ones who are very high up in the religious arena can get away from hearing the voice within guiding them. We need to draw near daily and keep our antennas up to hear and see the guidance from God.  

I just had to be reminded today how my work and my book are important to help us. God wants us to listen to that voice within. To guide us and to help us. We can’t always have a guide or someone save us. We need to start trusting ourselves that God lives within. He can and will guide us if we will just learn to take the time to tune in, listen, trust and do what He wants us to do. The time is now more than ever to trust what is right by hearing the voice within. Because on the outside there are a lot of sources trying to brainwash us, to control us and lead us astray. The battle of good and evil is upon us in the biggest attack ever and we need to be prepared to know what is good and what is evil. You need to be able to choose the right path that will lead you to your greater good. God bless!

More than ever

More than ever we need to be learning to go within to find the true answers to what we need to know. Every where we turn it seems people are trying to brain wash us into believing what they want us to know. We can hear them say one thing and then flip flop to another thing. Or say one thing one day and the next change their might and want you to believe this other idea. You may find yourself saying, wait a minute you said the opposite thing last month. Then you find yourself believing their new way only to find they change their mind again. Confusing huh?

You hear in the news one thing, then change the channel and hear something totally different. Here’s another brainwashing thing, buy this it’s so much better then what you already have. Everything in your life someone wants to control your thinking. It’s time to stop all of the other peoples thinking and find your own thinking.

I have been involved in completing my book “Awakening to hear the voice within.” This book will help you go within and hear and trust your inner guidance. You will hear the right thing and then you will learn how to trust what you have heard is truly the right thing.

When you learn to apply these principles you will become better every day at turning to your inner guidance. You will hear your voice within and know the truth, the way you should go and the right path for you to take. You will learn to stop flip flopping because you weren’t sure what was true or false. You will become more confident in making the best choices for your life.

My mission in life is to help people to tune into their inner guidance, plugging in to the source to help you in every area of your life. To me that source is God and when you learn to connect to source, every question you ask will be answered. It can be that simple yet hard. It’s what you make of it through your thinking. What you think so shall you receive. Learn to get rid of the things you don’t want in your life so you can have the things you want.

Have a wonderful blessed day and healing to those needing to be healed. Remember You are loved and You are not alone on this journey. 🙂

Seek and you will find the correct answers

August 26th 2020


With all of the information we have coming at us everyday it can be overwhelming and very confusing as to what is the truth and what is not. If you are like me you can be caught up in the moment and it may not be the truth or the narrative wants you to believe what they want you to. We can be swayed so easily to believe what they want you to believe. Even the fact checkers are not telling you the truth.


So where do you go to find the truth. That is simple. You go to your place of stillness and connect to God the greatest source of all. The truth, the way and the all-knowing. Ask Him to show you the truth. He will show you the answers you seek and the truth if you are open to see the truth. He will lead you in many different ways to help you hear the answers you need. Keep an open mind always because He may use someone or something you may want to dismiss as not being the answer you seek.  He does that to help you keep an open mind.  I have found many answers in this way. I have learned to always keep my mind open and alert to the answers I seek.


More than ever these days we need our close walk with God. Make sure you find the time for your connection to God, the Universe and all around you that He uses to help you through this world. Remember you are never alone. Reach out and you will find all that you need. God Bless and have a nice day. 😊


With God Yeah But Doesn’t exist.

I can’t even tell you the amount of times I hear this phrase “Yeah But.” When it comes to believing in God why is there a yeah but. If you believe that he hears your prayers and answers them, then why is there a yeah but.

Today I realized that once again I let myself drift back into the world without my quiet time with God. Seeking, searching and listening to His direction. I came up to my office to seek, pray, listen and write. I felt lost at first because I got away from spending time this way with God for a few days.  He gives me tangible things I know are straight from Him.  I had spent quiet time on the couch earlier this morning because I am dealing with really bad pain in my lower back, hips, and down my leg. I did what God showed me to do and it helped with the pain to get moving. I seem to be hit with a number of ailments in the past few years but I always know I will overcome each thing thrown at me. Because I believe God will show me how. I don’t sit around and wait; I seek and take action.

I noticed one of my little notebooks and picked it up opened it to where I wrote “Great stories about the power of healing in the Amazing Laws of the Cosmic mind Power” Especially page 42- 43. So, I decided that is what I needed to do. I went to that page and there were two good stories that I read. One was about a woman who was told she was like the man in the bible with the withered hand. She said that was true, and I realized that was also me. The story was so similar to my story. Allowing circumstances to stop me from doing what I want to do.   And then I read the other story about the man who was dying, due to kidney failure, nothing more they could do for him.  Joseph, the author said to the unconscious man- “Jesus is here with you. You see Him.  He is putting His hand out.  At this moment He is laying His hand upon you. He repeated it several times. The man opened his eyes said he had a visitor. Jesus was here. I know I am healed. I shall live.” Joseph went on to ask was this a Miracle?  The man believed Jesus came and healed him. And this belief healed him.

I got a flash thought ” I am God power because God lives in me.” I have to believe that. God lives in me and when I pray, seek and ask the way will be made. That’s GOD, that’s Faith, That’s Belief, that’s Miracles. I have the power; it lives in me.  Most of us will add the “Yeah But” because we don’t really believe that we have this power living in us. When we ask Jesus into our lives that means He comes into our lives resides in us and we now have His power living in us to do ALL THINGS. Healing is one of them. No “Yeah but” Either you believe He will help you through or you make excuses. No Buts about it. If you have to go through the fire, you must believe you will get through it. Unafraid because you are not alone. It’s all in our thinking, whatever you believe you will receive. Are you all powerful because God lives in you?

Believe that inside of you lives the “All Powerful God” leading, guiding and directing you as to what you need to do in your life to overcome any and all things that may come against you. If you are allowing fear to stop you then you will never live the life you were meant to live. Fear is from the dark side doing all it can to stop you from living the best life ever, walking with the all-powerful, connecting to the all-powerful living in you. GOD LIVES IN YOU, therefore you have the power to overcome all things. Spend that quiet time every day with Him as you would do spending time with a friend and watch your life change for the better.
Don’t let the dark side filled with fear stop you from overcoming anything this world throws at you. Remember our God is bigger! He lives in us! We have the power!

Have a great blessed day. You are powerful because of God. 🙂